VAN TOUR | Custom Built For Twins To Live In

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Here is our Van Tour! We built a fully custom van suited for us twins to live inside of...
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Tiana Smith
Tiana Smith - 5 시간 전
Ethan is such a mom to grayson
Tiffany Tartt
Tiffany Tartt - 5 시간 전
So happy for you guys!!! You are living my dream!!
NI x
NI x - 6 시간 전
Thank you grayson for explaining how curtains work
alayia Collins
alayia Collins - 6 시간 전
It’s crazy because my whole school seem a ufo in the sky the teachers just called it a bird to not panic people😭
Mikayla Fletcher
Mikayla Fletcher - 9 시간 전
I haven’t watched the whole video buttt what about a shower?
Andreea Ardeleanu
Andreea Ardeleanu - 10 시간 전
I have a question. Where are they gonna shower or brush their teeth? 😂😂
Earthbuds Van
Earthbuds Van - 11 시간 전
Yay welcome to the van fam! I don’t think I’ve ever seen twins in a van before. It’ll be so interesting lol
Alleigh Anderson
Alleigh Anderson - 12 시간 전
3:59 cute face there gray ❤️😂🤪
Sintô - 13 시간 전
Some suggestions
-sink (simple pump sink or electric pump)
-One burner propane stove (for cooking)
-Solar panels
-lithium ion batteries (to store solar power)
-take out backseats to maximize space
-keep large water jug just in case
Hannah Cordes
Hannah Cordes - 13 시간 전
Fuckin dope
Liana Gao
Liana Gao - 13 시간 전
**Just a reminder for me to return in ten years to watch Gray building his kids the ultimate treehouse**
Mary Elizabeth Mahan
Mary Elizabeth Mahan - 13 시간 전
Please tell me you didn't store gasoline with your food. Please sweethearts, no
Violette400 - 13 시간 전
Um Hi ?
Um Hi ? - 14 시간 전
It looks sick but idk how reliable that middle plywood is for a body to lay on it. Is it strong enough?
I_am_a_little_goofball - 14 시간 전
6:42 OMG he did not just say that😂😂😂
April Chamberlain
April Chamberlain - 14 시간 전
Just came across your video and I chuckled thru the whole thing! You guys are hilarious 😂
Love the van!!
Arsenal Fc
Arsenal Fc - 16 시간 전
That van is sick looking on the inside!
Arys sings
Arys sings - 16 시간 전
the thing i fond weird was that grayson loves tiny homes but is claustrophobic (yes i knoe i spelled that very wrong)
Arys sings
Arys sings - 16 시간 전
know* i spell everything wrong love you guys vids though
Arys sings
Arys sings - 16 시간 전
neeyah lewis
neeyah lewis - 16 시간 전
"we're guys in a van"
Grayson Dolan 2019-
Allyson McAngus
Allyson McAngus - 16 시간 전
But I’m still waiting to see James,Emma,Grayson and Ethan together
XxClout girlxx
XxClout girlxx - 18 시간 전
Where is the kitchen and the bathroom
kris - 19 시간 전
Grayson is vegan now uwu huhuhu I'm so happy 😌
Lesly Gamez
Lesly Gamez - 19 시간 전
The worst van design I've ever seen
Gracie Gilbert
Gracie Gilbert - 20 시간 전
y'all gone be sick and tired of this shit by day 2
Gracie Gilbert
Gracie Gilbert - 20 시간 전
where the hell did this come from, spending too much time in LA
ThexDGuy FTW
ThexDGuy FTW - 20 시간 전
Matte Black paint and a metal basket on top and a ladder to the roof
Kendra m
Kendra m - 20 시간 전
are y'all not friends w Emma and James anymore?
Hollyn Lynch
Hollyn Lynch - 21 시간 전
Where are they supposed to go to the bathroom
Layla K
Layla K - 21 시간 전
“then we got the SqiShY blue funky cushions”
Ellie Reyes
Ellie Reyes - 21 시간 전
Why haven’t I found these guys sooner omfg. They are so freaking sexy
rihANTi - 23 시간 전
where is the toilet
Kylie M
Kylie M - 23 시간 전
no lie, you should remove one of the back seats and rethink where you want to put that speaker so you guys can put in a bathroom/toilet.
Kk gamer 94
Kk gamer 94 - 23 시간 전
I’m helping the community gray 😂😂😂😂
loggymarieturtle _
loggymarieturtle _ - 23 시간 전
did you *seriously* put your fresh produce next to gasoline that literally says *DANGER* RIGHT THERE?????????????
Whitley Francois
Whitley Francois - 일 전
you see a white van and think you’re gonna get kidnapped but it’s really the dolan twins
bish wha?
bish wha? - 일 전
is anyone gonna talk about 9:30?
Tip of the Riceburg
>no toilet
>no stove
You might as well just live in a normal car then. You can lower the seats into beds in those too.
Mari and Bree Club
Mari and Bree Club - 일 전
Did anyone not watch until the end? He said someone at a gas station stole his credit card info and he had to cancel it so they couldn’t steal his money
Madison Jewel
Madison Jewel - 일 전
No we shouldn’t say a body, we’re guys in a van😂😂 9:50
Lattrodon - 일 전
I hate how similar they look and sound.
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