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Myro Ziah
Myro Ziah - 28 분 전
Boa Gaming
Boa Gaming - 43 분 전
Um, what made you think anyone wanted you back? Stand accountable and grow up. Well considering your mother's behavior, I am asking too much.
котянци - 시간 전
Your legal team is probably pissed at you now :/
Mr Zorg
Mr Zorg - 시간 전
So...how was college?
Mike Organ
Mike Organ - 2 시간 전
The 2018-19 USC women's rowing team roster had two Olivia's on it, but no Olivia Jade Giannulli. https://usctrojans.com/sports/womens-rowing/roster/2018-19
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 2 시간 전
If Olivia really wanted to reform her image, she could apply to Los Angeles City College and get an Associates Degree in Communications Studies. It would take two years and cost about $2500. She could be justly proud of actually earning a degree. Then she could restart her youtube influencer career with pride.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 시간 전
I did some more research to help out Olivia. The Los Angeles City College is only 7 miles from her house! She can walk south from her house 3 long blocks (about half a mile) to Santa Monica Blvd, then catch the Number 4 bus (which runs every 30 minutes) to Vermont Avenue, then the college is only about 2 blocks away. It seems like an easy commute. Acceptance into the college should be easy---they have a 100% acceptance rate (as opposed to the 17% acceptance rate of USC) so there is no need to cheat to get in.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 2 시간 전
I agree that people shouldn't be too hard on a young woman. But I think what bothers people is that Olivia has never said anything to apologize for cheating. It wasn't just her parents---Olivia knew what was going on when her parents were taking pictures of her on a rowing machine when she didn't actually participate in the rowing sport.
biggyunit - 59 분 전
Joe Smith No accountability. Too many people want to give her a pass. I wait until after the court is done with her parents, but I doubt she will say anything or take responsibility for her actions and just make sad puppy dog eyes. I’m willing, and I bet a lot of people, to give a second chance after she proves she deserves one. To many people in these comments are giving her a free pass already for doing nothing. That’s as sad as the abusive comments
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 2 시간 전
Olivia says, "I'm legally not allowed to speak on anything going on right now." That's not actually true. There is no court gag order in place---she is free to speak as much as she wishes. It's her parent's lawyer that doesn't want her to speak---with good reason!
biggyunit - 58 분 전
Joe Smith Yea she misspoke several times intentionally or not. And that’s the moral of the story ... wait
CynthiaVegas - 2 시간 전
How about a little kindness for this young woman. Just because her parents worked hard and are successful doesn’t mean she is not passionate about her channel.
Falcon032 - 2 시간 전
Yeah, go apply at Starbucks Olivia Jade. No-one wants you here.
Abby Pie
Abby Pie - 3 시간 전
Please I beg of you to go to school and beg of fame!! Lol
bella !
bella ! - 3 시간 전
Hey i missed you videos..... 🥺
Abby Pie
Abby Pie - 3 시간 전
Gooooo away. God u thirsty ass internet wannabe
Christian Sandoval
Christian Sandoval - 3 시간 전
How many of you think the likes on this video were bought?
biggyunit - 57 분 전
Christian Sandoval I’m not sure if you can buy likes on KOmind. I know you can on Instagram. It would not surprise me though.
BeautybyJasmine7 - 3 시간 전
is this bitch fr right now... ummmm
rgarrison1819 - 4 시간 전
This girl is amazing, she is nothing but a Product of her Mother's upbringing!,she cares nothing for her Mother,and her Mother helped Create this little Monster!,So the Irony is just Great,She is so full of herself and cant Stay away from YouTube, even though she was told not to go on because it could hurt her Mother's Case,but do You think this little spoiled self absorbed Bitch cares anything about her Mother,They Should not lock up her Mother!,But Lock Up Her,It would be so Sweet to See this Little Spoiled Bitch in a Women's Prison!,For about Ten Years and then get released to Absolutely nothing!and all The Fucking Total Losers that watch and Subscribe to this Ungreatful Bitch's YouTube Channel ,all You Fucks need to get a life!,The Only Reason I'm here is to leave a Comment for her Self-Absorbed Dumb-Ass and to all her loser fans!
biggyunit - 54 분 전
rgarrison1819 You know what is funny. She found the perfect time to rebel or go against her mom’s wishes. Where was that rebellious side when she was posing for pictures and lying to USC when she did not want to go to college? Oh that’s right. According to her words, she just wanted the party life in college. A lot of questionable actions from this one.
Courtney Mar
Courtney Mar - 4 시간 전
wtf happened to her voice
biggyunit - 52 분 전
Courtney Mar The act of feigning for sympathy. Only thing missing was fake tears.
Jenny Haberstroh
Jenny Haberstroh - 4 시간 전
Bye bish
Animal Lover
Animal Lover - 5 시간 전
Wow their are more hate comments than I have ever seen. I feel a little bad for her bc she has feelings like us I know what she did was wrooooooong but I think she already knows it and has seen enough hate even if it doesn't seem like it
S U - 5 시간 전
Honeeyyy that’s not the moral of the story and you know it x
Mel Intham
Mel Intham - 5 시간 전
Yeah I’m aware what happened but emotions are so fragile so everyone should watch what they say, she’s still so young and everyone makes mistakes and they can range to something small to very controversial, let her take a new page to the book and try again. She’s learned from this
Her effort is important, welcome back Olivia.
biggyunit - 49 분 전
Mel Intham I’m hoping she takes responsibility and accountability after everything is done with her parents. Her actions going forward should be judged on whether she deserves another chance or not. Ignoring it will not help in my eyes. Not off to a good start with this video in my opinion.
Nicole Voss
Nicole Voss - 5 시간 전
Brittany B
Brittany B - 5 시간 전
Wendy brought me here 🙋🏿‍♀️
Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders - 5 시간 전
As someone who is going into debt to get my college degree, go fuck yourself. We don't care about you.
Mary - 5 시간 전
You made a bad decision, but we all make bad decisions. Don't give up. Just continue to move forward even thru the judgmental comments. People are going to judge but nobody is perfect. Just turn this decision into a learning lesson and better yourself.
MountainGoaat - 6 시간 전
She bought all those likes.
BeYouBeTrue - 6 시간 전
Go away...
Jahzaria Bankins
Jahzaria Bankins - 6 시간 전
Why it look like she was reading a script...
C M - 6 시간 전
Why does your voice sound so blown-out?
Erin Collins
Erin Collins - 6 시간 전
rich people really are the worst
Mars roswell
Mars roswell - 6 시간 전
Go back to not being on the internet pls
Rebecca Rush
Rebecca Rush - 7 시간 전
This is the same girl who willfully participated in her parents bribery. She willingly took away opportunities from hard working people who actually deserved the opportunity and she bribed her way to be there. She didn't care about actually getting an education. She just wanted to party and have the status & success that comes from being associated with a prestigious school without doing any of the hard work needed to get into it. It's a slap in the face to all the kids and all the people working so hard their entire lives just to have a chance at going there. She willfully used money and fame to bribe her way to success while robbing genuine, hard working, intelligent people from their chance to go to that school. It's disgusting and shouldn't just be swept under the rug and forgotten about like that. She still hasn't actually apologised or addressed the mistakes she's made. She's just a snobby rich poster child for corrupt elites using bribery to get their kids into prestigious schools. I hope she stays in hiding.
Victoria Martinez
Victoria Martinez - 7 시간 전
The only thing interesting about you is this SCANDAL, I would only maybe watch if you talked about that but you can't, other than that your channel content is so fucking mind numbingly boring and from what I've seen it's just you bragging about how rich you are which is surprising bcuz ur mom is an old washed up actress from the 90s and all I know about ur dad is that they used to sell some of his shit at target. How about don't come back and focus on helping the people u fucked over by taking something that wasn't yours.
Kaylee Kaufman
Kaylee Kaufman - 7 시간 전
OMFG Like what the fuck did she do to you people? NOTHING
𝘒𝘦𝘭𝘴 - 7 시간 전
I don’t feel sorry for you.
joroi - 7 시간 전
Don't come back
Esoteric - 7 시간 전
This was super awkward. I dont think she realized that nobody fucks with her or her shady ass family anymore. ... oh well I'll just sit here and watch this ship sink. Hope her parents get REAL prison time.
Liza Holly
Liza Holly - 7 시간 전
jadefox33445 - 8 시간 전
You bought your way into school. You are a rich self centered brat. GET BENT!
wendy - 8 시간 전
This chick is so annoying & desperate for pity, she only has a following on here bc her parents are rich and famous, otherwise people wouldn’t give a shit about her, like what the fuck does she even do other than record herself being being rich? That’s a serious question lmao what does this the fuck does she even do?
biggyunit - 45 분 전
wendy People eat that crap up like crazy on KOmind. Only time I ever heard of beauty vloggers on KOmind was from controversy this year. I’m surprised how many followers there are. It is like a cult lol.
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