49ers vs. Ravens Week 13 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 13 of the 2019 NFL season.
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실행 시간: 8:56


James Gilmore
James Gilmore - 9 시간 전
4th down meta is cool
PresidentBox - 10 시간 전
Being a Ravens fan myself, I gotta give the Niners credit with keeping that close all the way to the end
MrSuperFly87 - 일 전
In all honesty Kyler Murray did a better job against the Niners Defense
Jamal Wood
Jamal Wood - 일 전
I hope this matchup is the Superbowl in Miami 2020
john ramsay
john ramsay - 일 전
goo 49\
Ray - 일 전
Ravens are doing really good this year
ovoSlaps -
ovoSlaps - - 일 전
This would be a really good super bowl game no cap 💯🤣🔥 both teams were good Jacksons just to good with his feet 🐐
YoungGhostTMH - 2 일 전
Damn. Seattle and Baltimore both celebrated like they won the Super Bowl when they barely scraped by with a FG for their wins over the Niners. That tells you how Good SF is this year. Last minute FG wins in regular season get celebrated like a Lombardi Trophy moment. #GoNiners
WorldSuperMedia 750
WorldSuperMedia 750 - 2 일 전
If this is not the Super Bowl matchup I’m gonna be severely disappointed
YoungGhostTMH - 2 일 전
Damn that missed FG by the 9ers killed them
YoungGhostTMH - 2 일 전
Damn how many times my 9ers fell for that same ass fake hand off jackson run. Like wtf
clorox bleach
clorox bleach - 2 일 전
man, the 49ers were hella close to beating the ravens
Masayuki Shimada
Masayuki Shimada - 2 일 전
dngt90X - 3 일 전
I dont see the targeting of Lamars legs while hes in the pocket 🤷🏻‍♂️
Ftg Mookdog
Ftg Mookdog - 3 일 전
🏈🏈🏈Great game man watch if not the . Patriots then it's goin be🏈🏈🏈🏒🏈🏈🏈🏈 the 49ers in the Ravens at the superbowl 💯☝🏿we goin this year I said 🏈it over the jail in 🏈🏈🏈I meant it the🏈 reaves goin to the super bowl this🏈🏈🏈 year 💯🛐😇🖤🏈🏈🏈
Keaton King
Keaton King - 3 일 전
Don’t know a lot about football but loved this game, how likely is it that these boys could play in the Super Bowl against eachother 2020? Played like a true game
B- Head
B- Head - 4 일 전
That sound of impact at 8:18
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 5 일 전
I am officially calling it right now. This will be Super Bowl 54.
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 5 일 전
#1 trending that tells you how good a game is
LightingMC - 5 일 전
Close game with great teams. Good job Ravens your really playing like a 12-0 team right now!
Martin S
Martin S - 5 일 전
Jimmy G can't win a gunslinging contest.
Jimmy G "hold my beer, watch over my two Instagram models"
thygreatmark - 5 일 전
Ravens on fire
seeriu ciihy
seeriu ciihy - 5 일 전
I rhink the reason they kept biting on the option is to let only one rushing player and that was jackson. Could not afford to let two players running on them. I believe it was part o
Jacfar Abdi
Jacfar Abdi - 5 일 전
49ers are triggered because they lost to the 49 yard attempt get it they lost to their own number
I'll throw multiverses at you Zeno Russell
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 5 일 전
Mostert is our 4th string RB, so deep at that position damn
MrCliqueRida TFS
MrCliqueRida TFS - 6 일 전
#36 made Jackson fumble & Odell fumble in week 5!!!! he off the bench.9er 4 life
Yin Yang Domain
Yin Yang Domain - 6 일 전
Baltimore is RG3 reborn. I expect some of these teams will get wise and go back and look at tape. Isnt RG3 a backup?
Kashlife Records
Kashlife Records - 2 일 전
rg3 and lamar is absolutely nothing alike . only similarity is theyre both black .
nathar40 - 3 일 전
For The Ravens
Lou Siffer
Lou Siffer - 6 일 전
Which liberal rat infested town will win?
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 5 일 전
niners are the only team to contain lamar jackson, he really didn't have a good game , 100 yards passing and 2 tds , niners have the best defense in the league
Jacob Olivas
Jacob Olivas - 6 일 전
Lmfao when ward took the ball when the other guy stretched his arm for the 1st down
chding zuure
chding zuure - 6 일 전
49ers: how did we not see that sneak? LJ: I’m a magician
Vanessa Townsend
Vanessa Townsend - 6 일 전
Damn that was cringy
John Desmond Clark
John Desmond Clark - 6 일 전
Ravens are scary good
BNandez07 - 6 일 전
Check out my vids I post niner highlights appreciation
chding zuure
chding zuure - 6 일 전
Ravens had a busy week playing against those Rams on Monday Night than heading back to Baltimore to play this game so yeah they were definitely tired and they still won
Kaw Shin
Kaw Shin - 6 일 전
Ravens vs Refs
1k subscriber challenge with posting four vids
Let’s face it this might be the super bowl
1k subscriber challenge with posting four vids
Let’s face it this might be the super bowl
These teams are equals
Paul Kersey
Paul Kersey - 7 일 전
I rhink the reason they kept biting on the option is to let only one rushing player and that was jackson. Could not afford to let two players running on them. I believe it was part of the defensive gameplan.
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington - 7 일 전
Reminds me of Michael Vick
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - 7 일 전
49ers lose to Seahawks and ravens both teams are 10-2 and they lost to both teams by only 3 points or game winning field goal
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